Adventures of a Crazed Potato

healthblr/fitblr/random-blr :D

Hey y'all! This is pretty much just a collection of random things, me ranting, life experiences, thoughts, me trying to keep track of my (albeit slightly pathetic, but hey, I'm getting there) fitness, and whatever else ends up magically being here.

Hoping to enlist in the U.S. Army this August 2014! (Thus the main reason for getting in shape.)

Some things about me:
- Optimistic most of the time
- Somewhat philosophical
- Lurve my coffee <3
- Vegetarian 24/6 (Saturday is cheat day, upon which I promise no pepperoni pizza is safe.)
- 2 dogs; one Boston Terrier (Duck), and one Boxer (Tank)
- Curious about anything else? Just ask (: